Identify right away the payments that your company receives.

With ecollect the reconciliation of your payments is automatic, cost are reduced, response times are shorter and user experience is enhanced.


¿How would you like to collect?

Bank´s payment buttons and Gateway payments processors provides limited options that won´t let you decide how your business needs to collect.

ecollect allows you to make the customizations your business requires so you can decide the way you want to collect.

¿What payment methods

should you offer?

New payment methods appear every day complicating further the payment reconciliation problem.

ecollect allows your company to offer all payment methods without this becoming a problem for the reconciliation process.


With a single implementation, you will offer your customers the possibility to pay with cash, credit cards, bank debit cards and electronic wallets.


Companies lose the opportunity to get paid by offering a limited channel offering.

ecollect allows to offer payment in banks, digital channels and bank correspondents increasing your chances to get paid.

¿Payment Reconciliation problems?


Companies invest a lot of resources to identify the payment of their customers, not doing so generates operating costs, delays in processes and poor customer experience.


ecollect allows you to reconcile payments automatically, so your business saves on operations, is efficient in processes and improves the customer experience.

About Security...

ecollect is certified PCI version DSS 3.2.1, to provide your customers greater security in the collection process.


We have the most convenient payment options for your customers

Bank Correspondents
Bank Account
Credit Cards
The widest network of bank branches

Three reasons to choose ecollect

On time

Dispatch merchandise, provide the service or attend the process immediately, your clients make the payment.


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